Our Commitment

Gilead is committed to making information about our clinical research publicly available. We believe that transparency advances science and medicine and is in the best interest of the individuals who use our products and providers who prescribe them.

  • We strive to ensure that our research practices are transparent, responsible, and fully compliant with applicable laws and regulations.
  • We have staff dedicated to ensuring the timely registration of clinical trials, communication of research results, and release of clinical trial documents.
  • We collaborate with external medical experts and scientific researchers to advance clinical research and enhance public health.

Gilead provides this information consistent with the need to protect patient privacy, publication rights, and proprietary information.

Details regarding Gilead’s pipeline of investigational medicinal products can be found at http://www.gilead.com/research/pipeline. Additional information regarding specific Gilead clinical trials can be found on publicly accessible registries including www.clinicaltrials.gov (CTgov) and www.clinicaltrialsregister.eu (EU-CTR).

If you have a specific inquiry regarding Gilead’s Clinical Trial Disclosure and Data Transparency commitment or practices, please contact us at GileadClinicalTrials@gilead.com

Clinical Trial Registration 

Gilead registers clinical trials on clinical trial registries such as ClinicalTrials.gov (CTgov) and www.clinicaltrialsregister.eu (EU-CTR) as required by law and/or regulation, and in accordance with local requirements. 

Gilead ensures that applicable clinical trials are registered prior to the first patient being consented for the study. Registration prior to first patient consent is aligned with the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) guidelines.

Posting of Clinical Trial Results

Gilead discloses summary clinical trial results, regardless of the outcome of the trial, as required by law and/or regulation. This includes Gilead-sponsored clinical trials that have been registered on publicly accessible clinical trial registries.

In the USA, summary results are posted on ClinicalTrials.gov (CTgov) no later than 12 months after the study’s primary completion date for all Gilead sponsored studies related to an approved product. A full definition of primary completion date can be found in the ClinicalTrials.gov study glossary.

  • For studies with a primary completion date prior to January 18, 2017 and related to products that have not yet been approved or are being investigated for new uses, Gilead posts summary results on ClinicalTrials.gov (CTgov) within 30 days of receiving regulatory approval. For studies with a primary completion date after January 18, 2017 and related to products that have not yet been approved or are being investigated for new uses, Gilead posts summary results within 12 months of primary completion date regardless of approval status.

In Europe (EU and EEA), summary results are posted on the European Union Clinical Trial Register (EU-CTR) no later than 12 months after the trial Last Patient Last Visit Date (LPLV) for trials with adult participants and no later than six months after the trial LPLV Date for trials with pediatric participants regardless of approval status.

In Countries outside the US and the EU, Gilead adheres to all mandatory results posting requirements in accordance with the country specific guidelines for that region.

Release of Clinical Documents

Gilead releases, either by submitting to Regulatory Authorities or by posting directly to clinical trial registries, clinical documents as required by law and/or regulation. Gilead redacts confidential patient information and Gilead specific sensitive information in order to ensure patient privacy and the protection of proprietary information. Any redaction of information or data is conducted in accordance with applicable law or regulatory guidance.

Sharing of Clinical Trial Data 

Gilead is committed to sharing clinical trial data with external medical experts and scientific researchers in the interest of advancing public health. As such, Gilead shares anonymized Individual Patient Data (IPD) upon request or as required by law and/or regulation.

Qualified external researchers may request IPD for studies of Gilead compounds approved in the US and the EU with a marketing authorization date on or after January 1, 2014 and are publicly listed on Clinicaltrials.gov or EU-CTR. For studies of newly approved compounds or indication the IPD will be available for request 6 months after FDA and EMA approval. Such requests are at Gilead’s discretion and dependent on the nature of the request, the merit of the research proposed, availability of the data and the intended use of the data. If Gilead agrees to the release of clinical data for research purposes, the requestor will be required to sign a data sharing agreement (DSA) in order to ensure protection of patient confidentiality prior to the release of any data.

Upon execution of the DSA, Gilead will provide access to a patient-level clinical trial analysis datasets in a secured analysis environment. Gilead will also make available the CSR synopsis, protocol and statistical analysis plan (SAP).

If you would like additional information or would like to request access to Gilead clinical trial data for research purposes please contact us at DataRequest@gilead.com.

By submitting your research proposal, you agree to the following:

All materials submitted to Gilead must be non-confidential and should not contain any markings indicating confidentiality. You agree that Gilead will not treat the information as confidential or proprietary.

You have provided notice to and obtained all necessary consents from all relevant data subjects prior to submitting their personal information to Gilead.

If your request is approved, in order to obtain access to Gilead’s data, you will be required to sign a non-negotiable Data Sharing Agreement that requires you to:

  • Not attempt to identify the clinical trial subjects.
  • Publish the results of the analysis in a scientific journal within one year of analysis completion, or for failed publications, ensure that any analyses performed and associated outcomes are disclosed on an open access journal or publishing platform.
  • Provide Gilead with a copy of any proposed public disclosure of the results and comply with Gilead’s request to remove confidential information from the proposed disclosures.
  • Provide Gilead a non-exclusive, free of charge license to any invention created arising from the research.
  • Indemnify Gilead from third party claims resulting from your conduct of the research with Gilead’s data.