HIV Age Positively

Nearly 50 percent of People Living with HIV (PLWHIV) in the U.S. are 50 or older, and that number is expected to grow to 70% by 2020. Aging with HIV may present challenges that demand innovative solutions.

The Gilead HIV Age Positively initiative supports programs that may help improve quality of life and health for aging PLWHIV. We’re providing philanthropic support in three categories: improve care coordination, increase resources for better wellbeing, and educate and inform policy.

How We’re Working to Meet the Needs of People Living and Aging With HIV

To understand how to best meet the needs of people aging with HIV, Gilead has convened a panel of experts. Our first advisory board meeting uncovered insights into the scope of the issue, and the range of challenges we can help overcome through collaborative solutions.

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Improve care coordination

Navigating complex healthcare systems and multiple conditions often presents a challenge, especially for those aging with HIV. New programs and strategies are needed to ensure better coordination of care, patient education and empowerment, and increased access to care for aging PLWHIV.

Increase resources for better wellbeing

Many aging PLWHIV experience stigma, guilt and trauma from losing loved ones. They may also face increased isolation, depression and anxiety. This creates a need for more wellbeing programs, ranging from local support models and social engagement networks to increased access to mental health support.

Educate and inform policy

The HIV Age Positively initiative also supports projects intended to change policies and practices, and share resources within communities. Projects could focus on evaluation of possible interventions or community advocacy campaigns, establishment of an institute on HIV and aging, and more.